Municipal Court

Warsaw Municipal Court is held on the third Wednesday of each month at 1:30 p.m. at the Warsaw Community Building, Lower Level. 181 W. Harrison St. with Municipal Judge Mark Pilley presiding.

Instructions for Guilty Plea by Mail

The Violations Bureau may accept payments on fines, without appearing in court for the below listed specified offenses and schedule, per order of the City of Warsaw Municipal Judge.

All violations include fines and court costs.
Court Costs
  • City Police Training Fee $2
  • Court Automation Fee $7
  • CVC $7.50
  • Domestic Violence Fee $2
  • Inmate Security Surcharge $2
  • JEF $1
  • Municipal Fee $11
  • Sheriff's Retirement Fund $3
  • State of Missouri Training Fee $1
Make Fines Payable To
Warsaw Municipal Court
P.O. Box 68
Warsaw, MO 65355