TIGER 2017

 NARRATIVE.pdf -  The Warsaw Livable Community Transportation Project-Main Street
A. Attachment A.pdf - Letters of Support
B. Preliminary Engineering Reports (PER)   
                   B.1 - PER Cost Estimates       

                   B.2 - Main Street 
                   B.3 - Jackson Street
                   B.4 - Commercial Street
                   B.5 - Van Buren Street
                   B.6 - Osage Trail
C. Revitalization
                  C.1 - Main Street Revitalization
                   C.2 - Main Street Revitalization Facades
                   C.3 - Drake Harbor Recreational Area                  
D. Attachment D.pdf - Comprehensive Plan
E.Transportation Improvement Plan (TIP)
                  E.1  Transportation Improvement Plan
                  E.2  TIP Exhibit - Renderings
                  E.3  TIP Exhibit - Cost Estimates
F.  Attachment F.pdf -Transit Facility
G. Attachement G.pdf -Thoroughfare Study
H. Attachment H.pdf - Bicycle and Pedestrian Safety
IAttachement I.pdf - Increased Opportunity
JAttachement J.pdf - Quality of Life
K. Attachment K.pdf - Cost Benefit Analysis

Articles of Recognition
Brent Hugh Missouri Bicycle Federation (PowerPoint) Go to slides 13 & 42-55.
Missouri Population-vs-Stravaheatmap
We strongly encourage you to watch these two short videos in their entirety.  They will help you to better understand the direction we are moving our community.