BUILD 2018

BUILD 2018 Narrative


Attachment A: Support Letters

Attachment B: Preliminary Engineer Reports (PER's) -

Estimates Only. 

Click on information below to review the following reports:
    B.1:  Main Street  *Note: This PER was created for a past TIGER application. Material still relevant.

Attachment C: Main Street Revitalization
Additional information below:
    C.1: Main Street Revitalization Infrastructure
    C.2: Main Street Revitalization Facades
C.3: Main Street Revitalization-Drake Harbor Recreation Area

Attachment D:  Comprehensive Plan - Building on Success to Capitalize on the Future

Attachment E: Warsaw Livable Community Transportation Improvement Plan (TIP)
    E.1: Transportation Improvement Plan 
    E.2: TIP Exhibit-Renderings

Attachment F: Commercial Street & Van Buren Street-Safe Route to North School and Future Transit Facility

Attachment G: September 2000-Major Access Thoroughfare Study
Click on attachment "G" to review the full report:
a.) Existing Conditions
b.) Analyses
c.) Summary/Recommendations

Attachment H: Bicycle and Pedestrian Safety
Click on attachment "H" to review the following:
a.) Main Street
b.) Commercial Street
c.) Jackson Street

Attachment I: Increased Opportunity
Click on attachment "I" to review the following:
a.) Main Street Development & Redevelopment
b.) Commercial Street New Development on the Access Road
c.) Future Community Connectors

Attachment J: Quality of Life

Attachment K: Cost Benefit Analysis

Attachment  L: Cost Benefit Totals (Excel)

Attachment M: Federal Support Letter and Federal Wage Rate

Warsaw Riverfront Trails: Videos and write up for the two 2018 National Recognition for Complete Streets and Trails.
Articles of Recognition
Brent Hugh Missouri Bicycle Federation 
Missouri Population-vs-StravaheatmapWarsaw is now on the USBR51 National Route
We strongly encourage you to watch these two short videos in their entirety.  They will help you to better understand the direction we are moving our community.